3rd Entry

Posted by Sean Chedda at Jan 22, 2015 05:51 PM |
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Hello again, it’s been a while. This is my last blog so I will try my best to make it as best as I can. So this month has of course flown by like any other. This month I had a couple of different tasks. These tasks included making a policy brief and factsheet for a completed SPAW project.

After that was completed I had to correct and make changes to the CaMPAM website. During this process I had to maintain contact with other offices to retrieve correct information and their inputs. After collecting that information, I coordinated once again with my supervisor and finished the final touches.

I am currently working on my final project that involves a long detailed questionnaire on a completed project. In the questionnaire they go into detail on how the project worked and asked questions regarding its accomplishments. While it has been tedious compiling all the information, it is a great questionnaire for many projects to see if they can quantify their successes. However, I would recommend projects to go through this list before hand and keep it in mind as they go through the project because I believe it could make any project more successful.

Overall, my internship was a learning experience I will never forget. It has been a great opportunity living in a new country and experiencing a new culture. I have made great friends in the office and out of it, and I keep discovering that the world is quite a small place.

Challenges faced
I would have appreciated a more challenging internship where I could have grown my professional skills by tackling more projects and projecting my input.

Lessons learned
When life gives you lemons, go on a trip.