Swati Garg

1st Entry

Under UNEP internship, I have been assigned the job of assisting Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ) in supervision of EU Climate Change Project. I am supposed to develop a methodology for rapid assessment of knowledge, attitude and practices of communities which are vulnerable to climate change. In first three weeks of internship, I did a lot of reading to get familiar with the project and to research for the relevant methodology ideas for assessment.

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2nd Entry

In last three weeks, I customized the methodology as per the project needs by developing different sets of questions to be asked during interviews and focus groups. The assessment also includes use of seasonal calendars and it was fun to prepare them for site visits. Apart from the major preparation activities, I attended two meetings which turned out to be new learning experiences for me.

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3rd Entry

I can’t believe that it’s time for me to write my third and last intern blog! Time passes by very fast in Kingston. This last month of internship was the most exciting one. I conducted the assessment with four sets of target groups including public and private sector officials, community leaders, local forest management committee members and fishermen. I used semi-structured interviews and questionnaires as tools for data collection. Each assessment session turned out to be different from others.

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