June 6, 2011

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This week my time was mostly with on SPAW but I also assisted CETA.

I translated a brochure for Christine O’Sullivan (Programme Assistant SPAW) from English to French (World Environment Day Reefs and Forests brochure).

The current SPAW website is not efficiently arranged. Several documents are at disposal but they are not organized into different sections. Christine asked me to read the main SPAW documents (the SPAW Protocol, the SPAW Workplan and Budget and the Action Plan for the Conservation of Marine Mammals) to think of a way to rearrange the SPAW website.

SPAW has recently signed some Grants’ Agreements with partner countries and organizations to implement some projects (Guadeloupe/SPAW-RAC for the LifeWeb Project, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation for the Improving Capacity in the WCR Project, CORALINA, the Dominican Republic and The Nature Conservancy for the CLME Project). Christine O’Sullivan (Programme Assistant SPAW) asked me to read these Agreements and to underline the deadlines concerning the partners’ reports and the UNEP due payments.

CETA was involved in the Green Expo in Kingston for the week-end to come. Tess Cieux (Programme Officer for CETA) asked me to assist with the preparations for the Green Expo. I assisted with the making of the badges.

Challenges faced: I had already read and worked on treaties but I had to get used to reading and working on Grants’ Agreements.

Lessons learnt: Reading the SPAW official texts (both treaties and Grants’ Agreements) enabled me to be more aware on the projects SPAW is currently working on.