RS September 26th, 2010

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Next month is our biennial Inter-Governmental Meeting, one of my tasks is to help prepare the items that will be distributed at the meeting. This task is a simple one it involves collecting the various items however I need over 100 of everything so it is forcing me to be very organized!


I have been working a lot with CETA, (Communication, Education, Training and Awareness) these past few weeks. CETA’s main focus at this moment is their Painting Competition about Biodiversity of the Caribbean Sea. I was given the task of promoting the competition. So far I have tried several different ways. I started out by emailing hundreds of schools in Jamaica inviting them to participate. But that yielded very few responses. Therefore I have since changed my strategy, and have decided to call each school. So far this is method is getting a much better response, but I have come to the realization that I will have to visit many schools to truly capture the interest of Jamaican children.  I need to organize transportation and create a catchy presentation that will captivate the minds of these 8-14 year olds. Wish me luck! Another way I have aided in the promotion process is through the creation of kid friendly flyers that I have been distributing through the schools. I really am hoping for over 100 entries but so far we have none.

Challenges faced: My major challenge was raising awareness for our painting competition. I had to try several different methods of reaching school children.

Lessons learnt: I have learnt that it is important to tailor your working style to the country that you are operating in. My first instinct was to email the schools however, this was not an effective means of communication, my strategy of making phone calls was better and I am hoping that the visits to the various schools will be a success.