RS October 2nd, 2010

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One of the very first tasks that I was asked to perform was an update of the CEP focal point list. This was a very tedious and cumbersome task. The CEP focal point contains all the persons in the Wider Caribbean Region that CEP contacts for various reasons. Each of the over 30 countries of the list has about 2 – 3 pages on contact information. The attention to detail and patience required for this task helped me to realize, that I was no longer a college student but an employee in the working world. In addition to this I was asked to help prepare several documents that would be needed for the upcoming intergovernmental meeting. This task also took a lot of time and patience, one particular document was about 89 pages of unformatted text. I had to go through it sentence by sentence and reformat.  I also assisted in uploading the various documents onto the CEP website in preparation for the meeting.


This month I was given a great opportunity, to write an article that would appear in the upcoming UN Day publication. I wrote about  CEP’s  Jamaican Children’s Biodiversity Painting competition. It is a painting competition in which children 8- 14 could draw, paint or color a picture that represented the diversity of the Caribbean Sea and how to protect it.

This month I got my first taste of exhibiting, I was asked to represent CEP at World Tourism Day on. For this event CEP partnered with NEPA ( National Environment and Planning Agency) teaching the public about the importance of preserving our natural environment. This internship is exposing me to the tedious life of an office worker, but also the fast paced life of a field worker interacting with the public.


Challenges faced: My biggest challenge was formatting of the 89 page document. I encountered several problems with the formatting of the document and tried for hours to reformat it.

Lessons learnt: I learned, from a fellow coworker, the minute and intricate details of Microsoft Word. I am sure this will prove to be very helpful as I continue to prepare official UNEP documents.