RS October 20th, 2010

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I am thrilled to say that we have 104 paintings for our painting competition on Biodiversity of the Caribbean Sea! This week I have spent a great deal of time reviewing the entries and preparing the top 40 for judging by mounting and labeling them. I must say, they look amazing, the talent and creativity of these Jamaican children is astounding.

In addition members of the CETA and SPAW teams went to the Institute of Jamaica to participate in their Afternoon with a Scientist Program. This is a program that teaches children 10-12 about different scientific topics. Our presentation was on Biodiversity ( in keeping with UNEP’s Year of Biodiversity). It was a challenge to entertain and educate all 120 children but we managed to keep their attention with our visual presentation, games and environmental rap.


This month I began a large project with AMEP, the Interactive Project and Activity Map or IPAM. IPAM is a map located on the CEP homepage; it showcases all the projects that CEP is involved throughout the Caribbean. I was asked to write a short tutorial for new users. The tutorial consisted of about 10 simple steps, that help to guide you through the map. I was pleasantly surprised when my supervisor asked me to record my tutorial. I probably made over fifty attempts at recording my voice, but each one sounded shaky, or contained awkward pauses and mispronounced words. Finally I have recorded a decent version of the tutorial which I hope will be up on the website soon.

Challenges faced: recording the tutorial was a challenge, even though it was only 10 simple steps, every attempt at a perfect recording failed. However after trying over and over again I finally have a suitable version.

Lessons learnt: To record the tutorial I used software called Jinx, which allows users to capture a portion of their screen’s activities and add vocals to it. I had never used this software before and adapted to it quite quickly.

October 20th 2010