RS November 5th, 2010

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This week I have been assisting my supervisor Tess Cieux in finalizing the judges for our painting competition. We are aiming for a balance between environmentalist who can judge the message that the pictures convey and artist who can appreciate the beauty of these paintings.


We will be turning our beautiful Biodiversity Painting Competition entries into a colorful calendar for 2011.  We have selected 14 beautiful paintings to include. It is my job to ensure that we have the permission of all the authors for the environmental quotes that will be accompanying each painting.

Challenges faced: It was very hard to choose 14 paintings out of the wonderful 104 entries that we received. However I am confident that the calendar will be beautiful once it is ready.

Lessons learnt: This week I learnt a simple but useful tip. When planning judging events its best to select an odd number of judges as to eliminate the problem of two paintings tying for first place