RS March 11th 2011

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As my internship comes to a close I have been wrapping up the activities that I have been involved in over this 6 months period. I have finalized the survey and cover letter for the Laboratory Capacity Database. These will be disseminated to all of the environmental laboratories in the Wider Caribbean Region.

I also have emailed several focal points across the Wider Caribbean Region, in a attempt to gain country representatives for the LBS Collage Competition.


I tried something new this month; I have written an article for the Trinidadian Health & Safety, Environment Article about educating the children of the Caribbean on issues concerning the environment through art competitions. The article contained the details on the children’s Biodiversity of the Caribbean Sea Painting Competition and also the upcoming Land Based Sources of Pollution Protocol. UNEP is using the adoption of the LBS protocol into force as an opportunity to educate youths 12-18 all around the Caribbean on land bases sources of pollution by challenging them to create a collage exhibiting this pollution and it effects on the Caribbean Sea.

Tess Cieux (Programme Officer for CETA ) and I represented UNEP CEP at an event in commemoration of International Women’s Day

Challenges faced: I have not gotten many responses for elections of country representatives for the LBS Collage Competition, despite my persistence

Lessons learnt: Writing for a region wide quarterly, was every exciting and helped me on my quest to refine my writing skills