RS December 15th, 2010

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Currently I am working with Nadia Dean Ferguson the Assistant P.O. for AMEP, on a Lab Assessment Survey. We are in the process of compiling a simple but comprehensive survey to send out to the Wider Caribbean Region. Once completed our survey would then allow us to create a database of the lab capacities in the WCR. This project is being undertaken as a response to recommendation 5 of ISTAC and decision II of 14TH IGM.

In addition to the survey I have drafted a letter to send out to the LBS focal points asking for their assistance in disseminating the survey to the key labs in their region.



This week was an extremely busy one for the CETA staff. Our award ceremony for the Painting Competition on Biodiversity in the Caribbean Sea was this Wednesday. I was responsible for designing  the invitation and the program. This task involved a moderate level of graphic design which I thoroughly enjoy doing. In addition to that I had to confirm the attendance of 60 guests and compile and master guest list. Of course there was the organization of the actual room. However the task that had me most nervous was my speech. I was asked by my supervisor Tess Cieux (Programme Officer of CETA) to write a short five minute speech on my experience with the competition and my overall sentiment about the process of advertising, trips to schools, collection of entries etc.

Challenges faced: there was no specific challenge that I encountered however there were many time sensitive tasks, so I had to be very organized and exercise strong time management skills.

Lesson learnt: It was a good experience for me to help organize a UN event and to give a speech in front of my esteemed colleagues.