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My internship at UNEP CEP began approximately 1 month and 3 weeks ago and it has been wonderful so far. I am enjoying working with this regional organization; between staff interaction and working on outreach projects, the experience has been pretty awesome.

Initially, I thought it would have been an internship where the unpaid intern’s opinion would not matter- he or she should just do what he or she is told- but my opinions and suggestions are valued here and I really feel like I am a part of the team. My fellow interns and I have been included in a video production workshop, procurement workshop and brainstorming meetings for new public service announcements for the  organization. 

In addition to desk work, I was able to participate in two outreach events. I attended the Waste to Fuel for energy diversification project launch at the UWI Mona Campus with Communication Officer, Pietra Brown. It was an interesting experience dealing with booth visitors who ranged from inner city youth to university graduates and teachers.

agri expo-niki2.jpg    agri expo-niki.jpg
Sitting at the UNEP CEP booth   

UNEP CEP Communications Officer, Pietra Brown and I at the booth speaking to patrons

I also attended the Yallahs Agri-Expo with fellow intern, Kate Busse, along with members of the FAO, where  we promoted the integrated UN initiative to provide water to areas across the island (the project should be rolled out by year end).

agri expo-niki4.jpg    agri expo-niki3.jpg
Telling booth visitors about rain water
  UNEP Intern, Kate Busse; FAO Communication
Consultant,Shanoy Coombs and I

It was great to work with my co-workers outside of the office as well as other UN staff members. I have also been assisting with Twitter and Facebook updates, bulletins and testing games for the website’s children’s page.

Challenges faced
Getting information from various ministries (to inform bulletins and social media  posts) has been a challenge this month. However after several weeks I received the relevant information in an email. I guess better late than never.

Lessons learned
I am learning how to deal with the bureaucratic process as it relates to the approval of outreach material like bulletins.