1st Entry

Posted by andre at Jun 25, 2013 01:30 PM |
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After I applied for an internship at the United Nations Environment Programme Caribbean Regional Coordinating Unit earlier this year, I was not expecting such a speedy response from their office and was surprised that I was actually accepted – I mean after all it’s the UN !

The excitement subsided, giving way to anxiety and on my first day at their office on Port Royal Street I began to feel overwhelmed. All kinds of thoughts went through my head (“am I prepared for this?”, “what if I do poorly?”), for some reason I felt really pressured; however the smiling faces and kind words from the staff members allowed me to relax.

Having studied Communication for all of my University life, I was intrigued by the work done by the Communication, Education, Training and Awareness department of the UNEP CAR/RCU and I believe I will be able to work well with the UNEP CAR/RCU team (specifically CETA) - especially since I’ve already been paired with Communications Officer, Pietra Brown, who has been very easy to work with so far.

Although I have had a few jobs, they were all based in the New Kingston area and although I visit Downtown, Kingston periodically, it was a bit of a ‘culture shock’ working in this area for the first time. All the restaurants seemed far away and it just seemed hotter in the days and I couldn’t be bothered with anything, but I realized it really wasn’t that bad. It’s an awful thing when you hold certain stereotypes which bar you from enjoying a truly wonderful experience. So, I have embraced Downtown, Kingston’s sights and scents and I predict the next few months will be great.

Lessons learned
The art of exercising diplomacy in interactions with people who are not as courteous.

Challenges faced
I haven’t come across any real challenges yet however, it’s important to remember that not everyone you call will be nice and agreeable and when they are rude, uncooperative and respond unfavourably you have to remember to keep your cool, because you’re calling on behalf of an organization. That’s the only situation I’ve encountered so far that has presented any sort of challenge.