2nd Entry

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I’ve been here for a little over one month, and a lot has happened since my last entry. As I mentioned, I assisted in researching facts for CEP’s upcoming Kid’s Page. Since then, the website has mostly been completed, and presently a Marine Litter interactive game is being developed. I have had the opportunity to sit in on various electronic meetings with the professionals developing the game for CEP. It’s been very interesting learning about the game-making process, and being able to provide input. I’m very excited for the game to be up and running!  I have been learning a lot about what goes into creating a website. Last month, I helped to categorize data for the regional laboratory database which will be a part of the CEP website.

The database will be a search tool for environmentalists, scientists, and other interested parties to find environmental laboratories throughout the Wider Caribbean Region by country and specific categories.  Another website-related task on which I’m still working, is writing abstracts for the technical reports listed on the CEP website. There are 68 or so reports, so I have been making my way through them slowly but surely – it can be a little monotonous at times, but I’ve learned to manage my time and divide my day with different on-going tasks, so that I may better complete each without losing interest. I’ve been given a lot of tasks that have acquainted me well with all the different programs run and supported by CEP; one of which has been writing fact sheet for GEF (Global Environment Fund) projects such as IWCAM (Integrating Watershed and Coastal Areas Management) and CReW (Caribbean Regional Fund for Wastewater Management).

There are two events that stand out for me since my last entry, first being the second intern session we (the interns) had with my supervisor, Chris Corbin. In this meeting, much like the one held on my first day, the interns give a short presentation of the work they have been doing with their respective programs. I think these meetings are important for interns- it’s a nice change getting the chance to see and speak to everyone, and find out what they are doing; something different from the usual workday. The second event was a communications workshop for the entire CEP staff, aimed to help refocus and come up with new ideas for the organization’s communication strategies, while revising the last 2-year communications plan from 2007. I assisted the planning of this meeting by calling various caterers to request quotations for a heavy coffee break – this was the easy part. The day of the workshop, I had to keep track of time to go meet the hired caterers downstairs; they were late and the workshop was following a strict agenda. Stressful as this was, more was to come when they finally arrived (late), understaffed and in a disorganized fashion. My goal was to take care of the chaos outside of the conference room where the meeting was being held without having them take any notice. With the help of my supervisor Rebecca, we managed to set up the food and beverages ordered as quickly as we could. I felt relieved that even though things didn’t go according to plan with the caterer, we managed to fix the situation without disturbing anyone in the workshop. My only regret is having missed most of the first part of the workshop because of how long I had to be outside waiting for the service to arrive, and then dealing with it once it finally did.

Lessons Learned: It’s been an overall interesting month as an intern, I have learned a lot about time management, CEP’s work, creating websites and databases, and also about people in a work environment.

Challenges Faced: The catering situation proved to be quite stressful- but it taught me how to deal with a situation promptly and efficiently.