1st Entry

Posted by Sean Chedda at Nov 22, 2017 12:49 PM |
These first two weeks of my internship have been a very intense experience so far. The first day I didn’t even have time to get to know the office staff as I just went to a workshop with the other intern and the Coordinator in the city centre.

I attended the "Workshop on major aspects of coastal environmental management” for the entire week, which was very interesting and stimulating.  During this second week, after the celebration of UN Day in Emancipation Park, I am basically reading documents and getting used to the various sub-programmes and projects.  I have already started to work with the other intern with the preparation of the Issue Paper for the new strategy of CEP.  Since it is the first time that I have faced the writing of such a document, I have to learn and listen to all the advice received to do a good job.  I am confident however,  that my lack of experience could provide a useful and different point of view.

Challenges faced

Getting to the office in the morning as well as return home in the evening was both challenging and fun. I am getting used to the transport system and I am sure in a few days, I will move through Kingston without any problems.

Lessons learned

The great responsibilities of UNEP-CEP in providing to the member states an important point of reference for the protection of the Caribbean Sea.  More importantly, I am understanding how much cooperation between organizations, governments and the private sector is a key element to the success of environmental policy implementation.