4th Entry

Posted by andre at Nov 26, 2012 11:35 AM |
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My internship with UNEP will soon come to an end and I’m having a hard time reconciling with the fact that I will soon have to leave beautiful Jamaica and go back to dark and cold Europe. Brrr!

Speaking of climate and weather, one advantage that Scandinavia has over the Caribbean is that Scandinavia (almost) never has to deal with tropical storms and hurricanes.  While the rest of the staff were in Punta Cana the few of us that were still in office had to prepare for the impact of hurricane Sandy by covering computers and desks. Due to the passing of the hurricane the working week was cut short but the office was thankfully left unscratched. I feel deep sympathy for all the people, here in Jamaica, but also in Haiti, Cuba and the States, who were, and still are, suffering from the damages caused by the storm  but I’m also grateful that my friends got through it alright.

The days prior to the hurricane I had a look at the SPAW-RAC website to see if I had any improvements to suggest. I found a few useful links that I think should be included and I have also made some comments on structure to make it easier to navigate the site.

Things are back to the ordinary at the RCU and we have been enjoying the “bring back chocolates when returning from missions abroad” tradition as it delivered bounty to our dips and desks when people returned from the Dominican Republic. Only wish more people could go and come back!

Challenges faced: Resisting eating chocolates before lunch.

Lessons learned: There is no such thing as self-control over chocolate.  From going through documents on the LifeWeb website I have also learned about the project to create “corridors” for marine mammals in the Wider Caribbean Region. Reading about the project reminded me about the importance of international cooperation to conserve trans-boundary species and provide protection for the environment.