3rd Entry

Posted by andre at Nov 13, 2012 11:45 AM |
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Finally back at work after almost a week of being sick at home.  Here it’s buzzing with activity as we have entered in to the last days of preparations before the meetings in Punta Cana next week. The staff members that will attend the meetings, which is more or less everyone, are flying out at the end of this week and there is still plenty that must be done before they leave. 

I’m guessing that the office  will feel strangely quiet and empty on Monday. Even so it’s good to be back on track and I’m happy to be able to help out with the last-minute preparations.

Besides the usual administrative tasks, such as continued work on different meeting documents and updating the focal point contact list, I have had the opportunity to attend two of the STAC/COP/IGM preparatory meetings. These meetings are held to follow up the status and progress for each area of responsibility in regard of the upcoming meetings of parties.  It was very interesting, both times, to see how work is organized and I’m glad that I could attend.

Challenges faced: Dealing with the stress and frustration resulting from problems with the server.

Lessons learned: I have gained a better understanding of how CAR/RCU is organized.