2nd Entry

Posted by andre at Nov 13, 2012 11:36 AM |
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Time flies and today marks the beginning of my fourth week at the CEP office. Preparations for the upcoming STAC and COP meetings are still ongoing and I have spent my days assisting Nishka with the documents. Most of these are published on the website in three different language versions: English, French and Spanish.

Content, language and formatting must be coherent and I have been assigned many, sometimes tedious, tasks to ensure this. Unfortunately I’m of little help when it comes to translations as my Spanish is weak and my French almost non-existent.

When I have not been busy with the meeting documents I have had some time to think about a suitable subject for a small research paper required by university back home. The paper should be written and submitted by the end of the internship and the subject must be related to the legal context within which SPAW operates. I have studied the legal framework for CEP and its sub-programmes and I think that I now have a few good ideas to choose from.

Oh, and the beach cleanup was a success! Coral (Senior Secretary), Annie (Fund Management Officer) and I went out by boat to Lime Cay. Together with another group of volunteers we managed to collect and bring back a significant amount of various discarded items ranging from beer and soda bottles and cans to plastic pipes and even a rusty old boat motor. It was a sunny day and when we had swept the island for litter we went for a well-deserved swim in the crystal clear waters. It was fantastic; Lime Cay is really a beautiful place.

Challenges faced: Choosing which color UNEP shirt I wanted to wear during the beach cleanup. I’m still a bit amazed that so many boxes of UNEP shirts could fit into such a small room.

Lessons learned: Routine work at the office is just part of the internship. More than anything being here is an opportunity to learn about my particular field of interest (marine environmental law).