1st Entry

Posted by andre at Sep 18, 2012 03:41 PM |
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My internship began on the 3rd of September 2012 and I arrived in Kingston from Sweden two days prior. I spent my first week getting settled in and learning to find my way around town. On my first day at the UNEP office I was introduced to the staff and kindly greeted by all. I was then given some documents and reports to review in order to learn about the main objectives and activities of SPAW.

During lunch hour Nishka, the SPAW Programme Assistant, took me around and pointed out a few nearby and affordable places to get lunch. We ended up buying patties and I had some delicious meatless soup.

The rest of the week I spent most of my time reading through and editing different documents related to the SPAW STAC5 and COP7 meetings, both of which will be held in October. The week was somewhat slow but I’ve been told that the pace will pick up as the internship proceeds and that I will have plenty to do further ahead.

On Saturday a group of people from the office, including me, will participate in the annual Beach Clean Up by removing litter from two beaches in the Kingston area. I’ve signed up for going to Lime Cay and I hope that it is as beautiful as the rumor says (and it should be the cleanest beach around when we’re done!).

Challenges faced: Getting back home from work by bus has proven to be very exhausting.

Lessons learned: Besides learning about the different projects of SPAW I’ve also learned several new Microsoft Word shortcuts that are useful for editing reports.