1st Entry

Posted by Sean Chedda at Apr 29, 2014 07:25 PM |
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UNEP, CEP, SPAW, GEF…these are just a few of the many acronyms that I have researched, read about and even referenced during the course of my academic life. But even then, these remained distant representations of entities/programmes that I could only dream about someday working with. This internship was the beginning of making that dream a reality.


My first week with the UNEP-SPAW sub-programme was quite fulfilling. As I read the introductory brochures and familiarized myself with the inner workings of the programme, it was fascinating to see these acronyms come alive as it were, around me. The highlight of the first week was the opportunity to attend a segment of the GEF IW: LEARN Workshop. It was almost surreal being in the same room with people whose organizations I had only heard about. Although some of the discussions ‘flew over my head’, there were salient points with which I could identify and of course new things to learn. Other activities for the week included compiling project progress reports as well as reading up on Marine Protected Areas. If my first week is anything like the rest of the internship, then I’m excited to see what the remaining months have in store.

Challenges Faced

As fascinating as it has been to see the acronyms ‘come alive’, I’ve discovered that there is an overwhelming number of them. There’s probably an acronym for everything conceivable. Hopefully I will become more at ease with remembering them as the days go by.

Lessons Learnt

I’m beginning to appreciate even more, the saving grace of Google for translation and for making quick searches for things I’m not familiar with(like the acronyms). I’m also learning that there’s no harm in asking questions when I’m in need of clarity.