Lacey Dannenberg

1st Entry

My first week in Jamaica and in the UNEP CAR/RCU office has been exciting and informative. I’ve learned a lot about UNEP and the projects the office is currently working on by reading though various documents and by talking to the staff. Everyone in the UNEP CAR/RCU office is very helpful and welcoming;

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2nd Entry

This past month has been even more exciting and eventful than the first. In general I have enjoyed living in a house filled with roommates from all around the world, all who are trying to accomplish different things. I have also enjoyed exploring the island, especially Kingston; there is always something to do.

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3rd Entry

It is amazing how fast three months come to an end. I have been able to see and accomplish so much in Jamaica. It has been an exciting adventure. With my fellow interns, I have been able to see beautiful landscapes, ranging from the Blue Mountains and Reach Falls to the white sand beaches of Negril.

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