3rd Entry

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Soon June was over and … WELCOME July! This means that I have two more months of internship. It’s time to begin working on other projects. My stint at the Reception Desk has ended. I think that I enjoyed it a tad too much. However, as you know there is always joy in working. The next assignment was to assist in updating the Regional Laboratory Capacity Database. The database will be used as a tool for persons within the region so that they can easily locate laboratories that meet specific analytical needs. Working on the database had two components. The first was making telephone calls to labs locally and internationally to remind them of the survey and its objectives and also to request that they provide us with the information we requested. The second part was to input the data from the responses received. In some instances I had to get responses translated as they were written in Spanish. That went smoothly. Note to self: Learn a second language. Better yet, learn two more languages. English alone will not do!

Research is one of my favourite things to do. I have something working on! We are researching the availability of educational material on marine litter/solid waste management in the Caribbean. The material should be targeted at kids. Result: there is little or no educational information available that is geared towards kids, hence the need for the project.

Having completed the research it’s on to the next task. That would be creating a database for GEF IWLEARN projects to date. Database created. It’s time for the final project for July, updating the LBS Focal Point Database. The Focal Points are institutions or persons with expertise in particular are who may be contacted by UNEP-CAR/RCU for their service.

Challenges faced: There were no “challenges faced.”

Lessons learnt: I need to learn a second language. 

It appears that there is but one month to go before I say goodbye. Next post.