2nd Entry

Posted by andre at Apr 23, 2012 12:25 PM |
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Just Checking in
It’s midway through the first month. So good was the first design job that I got another one! This time it was to design the AMEP Fact Sheet. I didn’t develop any new skills here, simply honed those previously acquired. Assisting with the quality checking of the GEF REP Car section of the Interactive Project and Activity Map (IPAM) was like sitting in GIS class again. It brought back many memories, good ones.

And the most enjoyable task to date was sitting at the Reception Desk for two weeks. During this time I mostly directed telephone calls but it was exciting. Really!

Challenges faced: I had never worked in Publisher before and so it took some getting used to.

Lessons learnt: Skills can be developed at any stage of life, just give yourself the space to learn.

This is proving to be a really great internship. What shall I do in the months ahead? Will keep you posted.