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Internship began on June 1st. One week ago I finished my final exams. The first day was going to be a long one. I was assigned to the Assessment and Management of Environmental Pollution (AMEP) sub-programme. In addition to assessing and managing environmental pollution AMEP also provide regional coordination for the LBS and Oil Spills Protocol to the Cartagena Convention.

No specific task was assigned on the first day but I had to acquaint myself with the United Nations Environment Programme Caribbean Environment Programme, UNEP CEP. That involved reading so read away I did. On the second day I was given a report to edit. That took approximately one week. I also edited the Revised Rules of Procedure and Financial Rules for Cartagena Convention. Having completed that task I took on a job that required me to develop new skills: redesigning and updating the Oil and Waste Fact Sheet. From that task I learn quite a bit, for example, that I am super-trainable – I learnt ‘Publisher’ on my own! Did you know that the coastal and marine environment’s recovery time from the negative impacts of major oil spills can last several years to decades?

It was soon time to create a database to tract project contract managed by AMEP, specifically those projects related to the Integrated Watershed and Coastal Area Management Project (IWCAM).  With that finished it was time to assist with preparation for Green Expo 2011.

Green Expo 2011 was held from June 10 – 12 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. It’s an expo where businesses and NGOs involved in environmentally products and services, water and energy conservation, environmental management and disaster preparedness all go to showcase their products. UNEP had a booth and I assisted in manning the booth.

Challenges faced: Nothing so far

Lessons learnt: I learnt how to use new software, I am happy to this to my resume and I hope this will make me more marketable in the future.