2nd Entry

Posted by andre at Jul 06, 2012 10:35 AM |
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I’m already half way through my internship, and so far I love it- I’m getting a world of new experiences and my responsibilities are increasing weekly. These experiences have helped me gain a greater insight into the way environmental organizations operate.   

The internship has encompassed a wide range of duties including adding and amending the national database content, maintaining working-level links with NGOs and grantees, and assisting the National Coordinator on field trips to conduct due diligence in site visits and project monitoring.

My responsibilities include supporting new and already approved grantees, drafting letters and documents on behalf of the National Coordinator, responding to SGP matter inquiries, and updating the Project Tracker to ensure timely performance by grantees.   

I also have the opportunity to organize one of the most crucial meetings, which will be held next week. It’s roughly an 8 hour long meeting wherein the NSC members will approve/disapprove the grantees. I had to finalize a date that worked for all the NSC members, or their representatives, and send them packages with all the 7 project proposals for review. In addition, I have to ensure the grantees have their presentation and other essential documents in order. The work is all done! I’m excited to see how the meeting turns out.

I have become much more confident and proficient in dealing with the ‘Financial Management’ aspect now. I regularly process payment requests and manage SGPs and CBAs expenses. My supervisor is beginning to trust my financial abilities and lets me work autonomously.

Challenges faced: Finding a date that suited everyone for the NSC meeting was quite difficult. Not everyone responded promptly to emails, so I had to follow up with phone calls. In addition, constantly reminding the grantees of their timely submissions and reports have been challenging.

Lessons learned: Working for GEF SGP has provided me with a new insight on the environment and the impact communities have on it. I have learnt to write project concepts and proposals, including funding applications; all of which will add value to my educational experience as a student.