Katelyn Busse

1st Entry - May 10, 2013

My first week here at the UNEP CAR-RCU office has been great.  I have spent the majority of my time researching UNEP’s various sub-programmes, projects, and literature.  Everyone at the office is incredibly welcoming and willing to help myself and other interns find our way about Jamaica.  I am slowly beginning to place the names with the abundance of smiling faces.

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2nd Entry

My internship with the Caribbean Environment Programme has been a great learning experience thus far.  I have spent the past month constructing a technical report of various GEF projects. In doing so, I have learned a great deal about the demonstration projects of IWCAM (Integrating Watershed and Coastal Areas Management).

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3rd Entry

Woah, time has really flown by. The last month of my internship has certainly been a blur. I have spent the majority of July working on my technical report. Highlights from the month include the intern mid-term presentation and capacity building meeting and a site visit to the western side of the island. I have also been working on a project matrix that has really helped me familiarize myself with all of the various projects that UNEP-CEP is involved with. 

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