2nd Entry

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My internship with the Caribbean Environment Programme has been a great learning experience thus far.  I have spent the past month constructing a technical report of various GEF projects. In doing so, I have learned a great deal about the demonstration projects of IWCAM (Integrating Watershed and Coastal Areas Management).

I find the case studies to be quite interesting.  I have also been working with the CEHI (Caribbean Environmental Health Institute), researching various case studies and publications for the IWEco (Integrating Water, Land, and Ecosystems Management in Caribbean SIDS) Project dealing with sustainable wastewater treatment, watershed management techniques, and coastal ecosystem restoration methods.

A few weeks ago I was able to attend the Yallahs Irrigation Expo in St. Thomas. It was my first time out in the field, representing UNEP-CEP. Another intern and I worked alongside members of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) of the United Nations to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable water use. It was great to be able to interact with the locals and to see how they are affected by water scarcity. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that so many were utilizing rainwater harvesting techniques.  

Overall, I have had an incredible time here in Jamaica. While the work week goes by fast in Kingston, I look forward to the weekends where I happily hop into an overcrowded minibus for my next adventure. I find myself spending the weekends soaking up the sun on the beach, hiking to the peak of the Blue Mountains, surfing until pure exhaustion, and enjoying moon lit yacht trips.  My only complaint is that time is going by all too fast.

Challenges faced
Keeping all of the IWCAM case studies straight, as well as keeping my daily mango consumption to a minimum.

Lessons Learned
The functioning of UNEP-CEP is becoming much clearer to me now. Learning other languages is essential, and it is important to grab opportunities when they are presented.