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Blog Entry1st Entry
My first week here at UNEP CAR/RCU flew by very fast. It has been quite an informative week. I spent my first two days getting oriented with my coworkers, developing a routine and getting familiar with the literature and projects that I will be working on within the AMEP Sub-programme.
JodyKay Maxwell
Blog Entry2nd Entry
It has now been a month since I commenced my internship. In the past month I have worked on a number of interesting projects, attended project design meetings and a symposium and participated in teleconferences. I have also spent a large part of the month working on a report on national water classification for the LBS Working Group, editing and updating fact sheets and drafting communication outputs.
Blog Entry3rd Entry
I cannot believe I am already halfway through my internship! Since my last blog post I have been kept busy working to support a variety of initiatives including, communication and awareness activities for commemorative days and events, updating the country information database, reviewing technical reports and fact sheets  among other assigned tasks.
Blog Entry4th Entry
I am already three months in!! Not much has changed regarding the tasks that I have been given to work on since my last blog; however I am thrilled to have and share office with our new intern, who joined the team on July 15, 2015!
Blog Entry5th Entry
Whew!Time has flown by so fast! I am literally a couple of weeks away from completing my internship! But as it moves closer to the end, I have been feeling bittersweet.