2nd Entry

Posted by Sean Chedda at Aug 23, 2017 12:27 PM |
I have now completed the second month of my internship.

My internship assignment is to the sub-programme for the SPAW Protocol to the Cartagena Convention, so I work on issues related to specially protected areas and wildlife, with a focus on marine and coastal ecosystems and species.  This past month, my assigned tasks have primarily involved providing assistance with the drafting and editing of sub-programme documents, including formatting, proofreading and internet-based research.  In addition, I have helped to review and provide suggestions for updates to the SPAW sub-programme’s webpages, and also spent a bit of time organizing some of the multi-lingual resource materials (especially those on Caribbean corals) so that these can be distributed to project partners.

Challenges faced
It is sometimes a challenge when trying, via email correspondence, to have needed information / documents provided in a timely manner by project partners on other islands and in other locations.  It can also sometimes be a challenge working (in written form) with partners who may not share the same native language as you.

Lessons learnt
While it can be a challenge to suddenly be tasked with assisting on project activities that have been well-underway for quite some time for which you may not have the background, just jump in, asking questions as needed, and do the best you can.Be sure to collaborate well with your direct supervisor who will provide oversight to all of your work product and activities.