1st Entry

Posted by Sean Chedda at May 01, 2017 02:45 PM |
I am nearing the end of the first month of my internship and am quite surprised at how quickly the time has flown by. Wow!

I am assigned to the sub-programme for the SPAW Protocol to the Cartagena Convention, so I work on issues related to Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife.  Thus far, my assigned tasks have primarily involved research and writing.  For example, I have helped to draft letters and a range of different informational materials and briefing documents.

Challenges faced
One challenge encountered was not being familiar with the electronic filing system which caused delays.  The other challenge, which is purely the nature of things in a UN regional office, is my not being proficient in all of the working languages (English, Spanish, French) and yet still trying to read documents and navigate through websites in all three languages.  Luckily, my direct supervisor is fully trilingual and able to greatly assist whenever needed!

Lessons learnt
I am definitely still in the early learning stages.  Of course, that is the case in any new job position.  Yet there are many additional considerations given the unique culture of the UN organizational environment as well as the particular role played by the Secretariat of the Cartagena Convention.  These specific factors always have to be taken into account for purposes of proper protocol and likewise are an important influence on the approach in external communications and written documents.

I am looking forward to the time ahead!