Jeffery Meek

1st Entry

I arrived in Kingston, Jamaica Saturday night and was fortunate enough to meet a Jamaican man who generously offered me a ride to the house where I’m staying (and who had the same name as me, naturally). Since my arrival I have continued to find Jamaica to be a warm and welcoming place.

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2nd Entry - June 27

I am now just over half way done with my 3 month internship, and everything continues to go well. I have been spending much of my time doing desk based research, and reading up on current wastewater treatment initiatives for the GEF CReW project under the AMEP sub-programme.

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3rd Entry - July 26

With only one week left in my internship, I can say this has been an interesting experience. I have had the opportunity to be a part of various programmes, with projects in different stages of development. I spent much of my last month finishing up an improved draft on Sustainable Financing Mechanisms for Water and Wastewater Treatment Projects.

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