2nd Entry - June 27

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I am now just over half way done with my 3 month internship, and everything continues to go well. I have been spending much of my time doing desk based research, and reading up on current wastewater treatment initiatives for the GEF CReW project under the AMEP sub-programme.

My work focuses primarily on writing a report that summarizes the sustainable financing mechanisms available for wastewater treatment. The report largely sites real work examples of past projects, and documents the challenges, failures, and successes of the each one.

I also continue to add content to the GEF CReW Project Facebook page, focusing primarily on articles and news about new wastewater treatment and reuse facilities.

Lastly, the interns will be participating in a training in a few weeks, where we will augment our repertoire of on-the-job skills, which I am looking forward to.

Challenges Faced
Although I have not run into any major challenges at work so  far, surviving the Jamaican heat is proving to be  difficult. There is no air conditioning where I live, and many days I lie on the cool tile floor, and suck on ice cubes. Thankfully we have air conditioning in the office, which provides a welcome reprieve from the otherwise constant sweating.

Lessons Learnt
Sea urchins are sharp, mosquito bites are still unpleasant, air conditioning is wonderful, and there appears to be no limit to the number of mangoes I can consume in one day! Despite, or possibly because of, all of these things, exploring Jamaica has been a lot of fun so far, and I look forward to even more adventures.