1st Entry

Posted by andre at May 12, 2014 05:15 PM |
This first week of my internship with the Caribbean Environment Programme has so far been a very interesting experience. I am helping with the organization of the 2nd LBS-STAC meeting in Managua, Nicaragua and in doing so I’m learning a lot about how to engage with different governmental organizations and international institutions.

I have also started to review technical reports in regards to the several protocols implemented in the Wider Caribbean Region. This exercise has helped me to understand how scientific research in ecology and toxicology (a significant part of my education) can help to create background knowledge of environmental issues which are then translated into policies.

Overall, I’m trying to experience Jamaica genuinely and to do as much as I can. Indeed, the work week really flies by but I look forward to the weekends and planning adventures in order to enjoy all that this wonderful country has to offer (and it really is a lot!).

Challenges faced

Using my scientific background to review technical reports, and to assist in the organization of the 2nd LBS STAC meeting.

Lessons learned

I have begun to understand the roles and responsibilities of UNEP- CAR/RCU within the region and how challenging it can be for effective regional cooperation to be realized.