2nd Entry - 18 June 2012

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The past couple of weeks have been quite hectic! I mentioned in my last blog that SPAW is preparing for a few important meetings (IGM15, SPAW COP7 and SPAW STAC5) that are coming up in October later this year. Well, I have mainly been assisting for the preparation of these meetings thus far by sending out invitations to the focal point contacts, delegates and organizations that would be interested in attending these meetings.

Whether it is by email or fax, it is important that these contacts receive their invitation as soon as possible, so as to allow enough time for the paperwork to be processed. This is especially true for governmental divisions and ministries, many of which need extra time to pass the registration forms through parliamentary procedure before it is approved.

At the same time, I have been developing and organizing a detailed log of responses. I must note when the email/fax was received and by whom, while also ensuring all queries are followed up on. Throughout this process, I have been more sensitive to the wording used in the emails and faxes. The United Nations has a very sophisticated and formal method of communication, and it must be adhered to in every correspondence.

Amidst all this, I had a meeting with the SPAW Programme Officer, Alessandra Vanzella-Khouri, and the Assistant Programme Officer, Nishka Waite. We discussed the ways in which the CEP website (mainly the SPAW sections) could be improved. I searched for dead links, added a few events for the calendar and suggested some improvements that can be done for the short-term and long-term. This is a project that will continue over the next few weeks because the website needs to be user-friendly and easier to navigate through before the October meetings begin.


Challenges: I did not realize how extensive and demanding the invitation process would be.

Lessons learned: I am learning to be much more formal with my writing, according to UN standards