3rd Entry - 29 August

Posted by Sean Chedda at Jan 22, 2015 01:30 PM |
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After several months of severe drought, we have finally had a bit of rain in Jamaica. Rain has a wonderfully restorative effect.  The air seems fresher, the sky appears bluer, and the streets seem cleaner. Kingston positively sparkles after a long-awaited rain. In addition to the explosion of green covering the previously parched brown earth, the roadways and sidewalks are scoured clean of accumulated trash.

While marveling at the transformation, I realize that the trash has been simply swept along with the storm water into the surrounding ocean. This is why the work of organizations like UNEPCEP is so critical in the region. They have been charged with providing assistance to reduce the amount of land-based sources of trash finding its way into the marine environment. 

This month I have had the opportunity to sit in on planning meetings and review documents in preparation for LBS COP and IGM meetings which will be held in December. It was quite interesting to see what goes into planning such a large meeting. Not only must the reporting documents be translated into three languages, but there are very specific rules for labeling, identifying, and numbering these documents.

The challenge has been prioritizing all of the documents I want to read and study.

Lessons Learned
I learned some useful self-defense techniques during an event hosted by the UN Department of Safety and Security.