1st Entry - July 18

Posted by Sean Chedda at Jan 22, 2015 11:55 AM |
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I have completed my first week at UNEP CEP. The first week in a new office environment can be very challenging including getting used to a new routine, meeting new colleagues, learning their names, and their roles within the organization. In addition to this, I am learning more about the work of the Caribbean Environment Programme (CEP) including the three sub-programmes, Communication, Education, Training and Awareness (CETA), Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife (SPAW) and last but not least, the Assessment and Management of Environmental Pollution (AMEP), which I will be supporting for the duration of my internship.


The staff presented an intern orientation that was very informative and helpful in this regard. In this meeting, Mr. Colmenares, the Regional Coordinator for UNEP CEP met with the interns and provided a very interesting history of UNEP CEP from the signing of the Cartagena Convention in 1983 to present day.

Even though I have studied the work of UNEP CEP in my last job and used many of their reports in my research, I am still amazed at how much this small organization accomplishes in the region. This includes organizing local workshops, leading the development of regional action plans, and working with policy makers from all participating countries to establish goals and implement measures to preserve and protect the shared marine resources. I am very happy to have the opportunity to be in Jamaica, and contribute to the work being done by CEP and their partners to improve the health of the marine environment in the Wider Caribbean Region.

The biggest challenge for me this week has been learning all of the new acronyms as well as becoming familiar with the many different organizations that CEP engages within the region.

Lessons Learned
I have learned about Jamaican culture, the wonderful food, the Knutsford Express, and the generosity and helpfulness of everyone I have met. In one week, I have already made many life-long friendships.