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Blog Entry1st Entry - July 18
I have completed my first week at UNEP CEP. The first week in a new office environment can be very challenging including getting used to a new routine, meeting new colleagues, learning their names, and their roles within the organization. In addition to this, I am learning more about the work of the Caribbean Environment Programme (CEP) including the three sub-programmes, Communication, Education, Training and Awareness (CETA), Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife (SPAW) and last but not least, the Assessment and Management of Environmental Pollution (AMEP), which I will be supporting for the duration of my internship.
Blog Entry2nd Blog Entry - 31 July
It is difficult to believe that I have been in Jamaica for a month already. The time has passed very quickly. This month, I have had the opportunity to learn more about AMEP’s past work and to provide input on draft documents related to updating Regional Action Plans and proposals for upcoming work plans. It is really interesting to see the coordination necessary among several governing agencies to fine-tune these documents prior to final approval.
Blog Entry Troff document3rd Entry - 29 August
After several months of severe drought, we have finally had a bit of rain in Jamaica. Rain has a wonderfully restorative effect.  The air seems fresher, the sky appears bluer, and the streets seem cleaner. Kingston positively sparkles after a long-awaited rain. In addition to the explosion of green covering the previously parched brown earth, the roadways and sidewalks are scoured clean of accumulated trash.
Blog Entry5th Entry - 31 October
In the month of October I had the opportunity to attend an environmental conference and a workshop specific to Jamaica.
Blog Entry4th Blog Entry - 30 September
I am beginning the fourth month of a five month internship with CEP. One of the advantages of a longer internship is that I am now more familiar with the activities of the office and have been able to see some assignments through to completion as well as work on projects that are on a longer time frame.
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