Charlotte-May Fournier

1st Entry - July 22, 2015

Already a week has passed since I first started my internship with the UNEP/CEP – as they say, time flies when you’re having fun!

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2nd Entry

This first month at the UNEP/CEP office served as a smooth introduction to the work of a Communications Officer in the setting of an IGO. The translation of the IGM Report is providing me with a better understanding of this complex programme as well as a glimpse of the international dynamics it involves and of the challenges ahead.

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3rd Entry

This second month at the UNEP CEP has allowed me to get more creative and inventive. First, I was pleased to assist a fellow intern with the design of a Sargassum factsheet that she has been putting together over the past weeks.  The aim of the design was to make it easy to understand and suitable for communication platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and therefore, available to a larger audience.

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