3rd Entry

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3rd blog
After the judging of the Jamaica collage competition my time has been occupied with several different tasks. Firstly, I have been assisting in updating the children’s page. I have researched other environmental websites targeted at children to get ideas for the UNEP page. After browsing several different sites I saw one that displayed interactive learning, where design and art was pared with facts and figures about the state of our environment. Based on this idea, I made a sketch of a page that would combine learning and visual arts. In addition, together with Tess, the CETA Programme Officer I made a list with  all the terms that children should learn about the environment and how to protect it: 1) Coral Reefs 2) Marine Litter 3) Marine Mammels 4) Invasive Species 5) Endangered Species 6) Biodiversity 7) Mangroves 8) LBS 9) Eco Systems 10) Endemic Species. I researched the UNEP CEP website and wrote down links with information on the specific topics while Rebecca, the AMEP & CETA Programme Assistant wrote down short definitions of the topics that could be easily understood by children. All the information and ideas we came up with will be handed over to the person in charge of updating and redesigning the website and hopefully be up and running soon.
In order to increase children awareness about the problems surrounding marine litter in the region, UNEP CEP is assisting in creating a marine litter game for children. With regards to this, Khian and I reached for already existing materials on the matter. We systematically researched island by island to see if there was any available PDF documents on marine litter for kids. I also looked for any regional organizations that would have such data. Not surprisingly, we did not find much. However, the lack of information gave an idea of the need for available material on marine litter. I put all the available data into a spread sheet with the countries and the organization the data was collected.
My third on-going project has been to complete a welcoming guide for new employees. I changed the graphic design of the document and put in more pictures to make it visually pleasing. Then, I edited the text and added more useful information. I also researched places to go and places to stay while in Jamaica and added it to the document. Hopefully the guide will help future employees acclimatize more comfortably to their new environment!     
Challenges faced
To find available documents about marine litter targeted at kids from the Caribbean Island proved difficult as not much material is available and that the material that is available are often hard to retrieve.

Lessons Learned: I learned some new tricks with regards to graphic design in making the welcome guide. I also learned the unfortunate reality about the lack of information and educational material on marine litter.