2nd Entry

Posted by andre at Jul 03, 2013 02:30 PM |
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My first month as an intern under the SPAW programme has gone by very quickly. So far I’ve primarily been working on the resources that are distributed on behalf of the SPAW Programme, which have included updating the SPAW Factsheet .

Currently, I am in the process of updating the SPAW Website. It has been a rewarding and tiring experience and I look forward to the rest of my internship.

Challenges Faced
My current task has to do with editing the SPAW Website page which is a challenge in just the sheer size of the task, but it is also a big test of how well I can work with computers. Though, I have never worked on a website before, I am enjoying the opportunity of learning how to do something new. Another challenge that I have been facing is not realizing the resources that are available to me. For example, while editing the website, a coworker informed me that for sections of the website I am having difficulties with, I can ask for help from people who specialize in the particular subject matter.

Lessons Learnt
This week, I got to meet with Sean, the Computer Information Systems Assistant and the designer of UNEP’S Caribbean Environment Programme website. This meeting taught me just how much I don’t know or understand about computers. This isn’t a problem for my assignment in the office, my task is more about editing the website text, but it does make me appreciate just how detailed, designing a website actually is. I have also learned a lot about the process of actually getting tasks done in the office by coordinating with the SPAW Programme Officer and the Programme Assistant as well as working with their counterparts in SPAW’s partner organizations like CaMPAM and the SPAW-Regional Activity Center.