Andrew Schwieder

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My first week at the UNEP CAR-RCU office flew by and I have really enjoyed it so far. After a fairly painless trip into Kingston, I spent my first few days in the office orienting myself, getting to know co-workers, figuring out the routine, reading about the SPAW Protocol in order to be familiar with the material, etc.
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Blog Entry2nd Entry
My first month as an intern under the SPAW programme has gone by very quickly. So far I’ve primarily been working on the resources that are distributed on behalf of the SPAW Programme, which have included updating the SPAW Factsheet .
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My time with the SPAW sub-programme at the offices of the Regional Coordinating Unit of the United Nations Environment Programme , Caribbean Environment Programme, has come to an end far faster than I had anticipated. I really enjoyed my time in the office.
Andrew Schwieder