4th Entry

Posted by Sean Chedda at Jan 23, 2015 12:13 PM |
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To be honest, not much has changed since my last blog. I am still swamped with tasks to do in preparation for our next Intergovernmental Meeting. Despite this, I do feel like I’ve gotten more comfortable with the responsibilities that I’ve been given.

I have been working closely with my supervisor to prepare the necessary meeting documents, while also coordinating with the Regional Activity Centre (SPAW-RAC) in Guadeloupe and communicating with SPAW focal points in preparation for the meeting. Additional tasks include coping with paper cuts and getting into silent arguments with printers and other office equipment.

With less than one month of my internship remaining, I’m feeling a bit reflective. I have definitely learned a lot during my time here, particularly during the hectic past few weeks. One thing that I really love about this internship is the fact that I have been able to apply much of the knowledge that I’ve picked up during my academic career to my work here. I was even able to utilize some of the concepts I picked up from my past research efforts in providing input towards the newest SPAW work plan. I truly find it hard to believe that my time here will soon come to an end.

Challenges faced
The main challenge I have faced this month is keeping track of all these documents. This can be tricky because I’ve been working simultaneously with so many documents, which are all at different stages of preparation and review. To add to the confusion, many of these documents are being sent back and forth for review by multiple contributors and then being sent out to Spanish and French translators, so even being aware of which report is at which stage of finalization can often be a difficult task.

Lessons learned
I think this has been a good learning exercise in testing my organizational skills. I’ve also grown to appreciate the value of making lists and planning ahead.