Amanda Chin

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Blog Entry1st Entry
My first week as an intern was definitely a fascinating experience. After stepping into the office not knowing what to expect, any nervousness and uncertainty quickly passed after being welcomed by the staff and other interns who helped me to feel at ease in this new environment.
Blog Entry2nd Entry
It has now been almost a month into my internship. I can barely believe how quickly time is going by. So far, it has been a good experience and I have been quite happy that my work here has been largely relevant to my academic background.
Blog Entry3rd Entry
I can barely believe that I am already more than halfway through this internship. My time here seems to be flying by. Since my last blog post, I have still been keeping busy preparing documents and reports for our upcoming SPAW meetings.
Blog Entry4th Entry
To be honest, not much has changed since my last blog. I am still swamped with tasks to do in preparation for our next Intergovernmental Meeting. Despite this, I do feel like I’ve gotten more comfortable with the responsibilities that I’ve been given.
Blog Entry5th Entry
Today is officially the last day of my SPAW internship. It really is unbelievable how quickly the past couple months have gone by. Thinking back to when I first started, a five month internship seemed like such a long time and I even felt overwhelmed at times since this was such a new experience. However, I think that I settled in pretty quickly and have definitely gained confidence in my own competencies along the way.
Amanda Chin