1st Entry

Posted by andre at Feb 20, 2013 11:20 AM |
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My Jamaican experience began on the 29th of January: I arrived to Kingston in the early morning and quickly found the way to my new home. I spent the first week  settling down, jogging around the neighborhood, getting used to the city and then after that I made  my first exploration of the island. After visiting Portmore and Hellshire Beach, I went to Port Antonio and spent the weekend there.

When I came back to the city, I started my internship and commenced the daily routine on Monday, the 4th of February. At the end of the first week, as I am reflecting, I  have come to the realization that the most difficult part of living in Kingston is moving around in the traffic. The traffic congestion and the noisy streets are quite tiring.

On the contrary, inside the office there’s a really calm and friendly environment that makes me feel at ease. At my arrival,Chrishane took me around the office and introduced me to my colleagues, than we took a short walk  around the neighborhood ,  where  she showed me a few good places to eat.

The first task that Sanya assigned me was to update environmental fact sheets with new available data collected online. It was really interesting as it gave me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge on many different issues.

Challenges faced: As I have already mentioned, moving around in the traffic of Kingston is challenging and sometimes it takes  too long to reach the office or go back home.

Lesson learned: I am familiarizing with the multitude of acronyms used in the fact sheets and in other documents. Furthermore, I am learning a lot about the Caribbean geography and the political status of the Caribbean islands.