UNDP/GEF CLME+ Project Meeting - October 26-27, 2015

Project Executive Group to meet in Miami, Florida
The first meeting of the CLME+ Project Executive Group (PEG) will be held on October 26-27, 2015 in Miami, Florida.  The objectives of this meeting are to:
  • Prepare for the CLME+ Project Inception Meeting and First Steering Committee
  • Review progress of the project inception phase and plan for full project implementation
  • Review and discuss further steps towards increased endorsement of CLME+ SAP & Project
  • Discuss and agree upon the outline for the CLME+ Communications Strategy
  • Discuss  the  approach required towards  monitoring  implementation  of  the  CLME+  Project Document and CLME+ SAP

The PEG in particular is expected to analyse, discuss and resolve all issues pertaining to the execution of the CLME+ throughout it's duration