Check out the work we are doing in coastal and marine biodiversity

The SPAW Protocol, a regional agreement for the protection and sustainable use of coastal and marine biodiversity in the Wider Caribbean Region, supports countries to implement their national focus areas under the protocol.  

These main areas of focus include:

  • Marine Protected Areas and Wildlife
  • Threatened and Endangered Marine Species
  • Marine and Coastal Ecosystems 

To keep you informed, the SPAW Notification will provide all the updates you need on the activities of the SPAW Protocol, its recent accomplishments, along with upcoming meetings both regionally and related to the Protocol.

Major ongoing activities:

  • Biodiversity for Sustainable Development in the Caribbean through Ecosystem Based Management (EBM) Project
  • partnerships with the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute (GCFI), Reef Check Dominican Republic and Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of the Dominican Republic
  • CLME+ (Catalysing Implementation of the Strategic Action Programme for the Sustainable Management of Shared Living Marine Resources in the Caribbean and North Brazil Shelf Large Marine Ecosystems)

General Updates:

  • A total of 12 marine and coastal species were newly added to Annexes II and III of the SPAW Protocol, including 5 shark species, 4 ray species, 1 fish species, 1 bird species and 1 snail species
  • One additional protected area (Cayos de San Felipe National Park in Cuba) was listed under the SPAW Protocol.
  • Parties encouraged the Secretariat and the SPAW-RAC to enhance cooperation and coordination with the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI).

For full details, please download the SPAW Notification update in:-