Our Marine Biodiversity Programme (SPAW) hosted a Regional Workshop on Ecosystem-Based Management

4-6 December 2017 | Panama City, Panama

The Caribbean Environment Programme (CEP), through its Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife (SPAW) Sub programme will be hosting the Regional workshop on ecosystem-based management and application of decision support systems in the Wider Caribbean region was held  4-6 December, Panama City, Panama, at the Crowne Plaza Panama Hotel.

An ecosystem-based management (EBM) approach, moving beyond the business-as-usual, sectoral management, is key to maintaining viable healthy ecosystems and their associated goods and services to enhance livelihoods of vulnerable coastal populations across the Wider Caribbean Region.

Developing capacities and promoting information systems are an integral part of sound planning and management of such coastal resources. In this context, the workshop objectives are: i) provide basic training on the use of EBM methods and tools through the simulation of a project applying a decision support system (DSS); ii) illustrate and gain feedback on the role of Regional EBM Network Nodes; and iii) explore opportunities to further expand efforts in the region for potential partnerships and developing EBM-DSS applications. In addition, the goal is also to capture and disseminate best practices and lessons learnt, for the replication and up-scaling of the EBM approach within and beyond national boundaries.

Download meeting documents from the SPAW meeting page.

For reasons of economy and the environment, participants are kindly requested to bring their own copies of workshop documents/access electronically.

Por razones de economía y de medio ambiente, se solicita amablemente a los participantes del taller bajar de Internet/traer sus copias de los documentos. 

Pour des raisons économiques et environnementales, les participants à la réunion sont cordialement invités à amener leurs copies des documents/ou de l'accès par voie électronique.