Technical Reports

CEP Technical Reports are UNEP CAR/RCU publications on topics related to the marine and coastal environment of the Wider Caribbean Region. The CEP Technical Report Series is available (where possible) in English, French and Spanish. Some documents are provided in HTML, and have been modified from the printed versions for displaying on the Web (in appearance only) while others are in MS Word and PDF documents.
File PDF documentceptr37es.pdf
File PDF documentceptr45en.pdf
File PDF documenttr09-es.pdf
File PDF documenttr09-fr.pdf
File PDF documenttr43fr.pdf
File PDF documenttr19fr.pdf
File PDF documenttr8en.pdf
File PDF documenttr19es.pdf
File PDF documenttr43en.pdf
File PDF documenttr23en.pdf
File PDF documenttr32en.pdf
File PDF documentCEP Technical Report #33
File PDF documenttr41en.pdf
File PDF documenttr01en.pdf
File PDF documenttr02en.pdf
File PDF documenttr03en.pdf
File PDF documenttr02es.pdf
File PDF documenttr02fr.pdf
File PDF documenttr04en.pdf
File PDF documenttr04fr.pdf
File PDF documenttr04es.pdf
File PDF documentUNEP 1990a-en
File PDF documenttr05es.pdf
File PDF documentUNEP 1990a-fr
File PDF documenttr09-en.pdf
File PDF documenttr11-en.pdf
File PDF documenttr20en.pdf
File PDF documenttr20fr.pdf
File PDF documenttr20es.pdf
File PDF documenttr21en.pdf
File PDF documenttr22en.pdf
File PDF documenttr19en.pdf
File PDF documenttr34en.pdf
File PDF documenttr35es.pdf
File PDF documenttr28en.pdf
File PDF documenttr15en.pdf
File PDF documenttr43es.pdf
File PDF documenttr12en.pdf
File PDF documenttr24en.pdf
File PDF documenttr07en.pdf
File PDF documenttr10en.pdf
File PDF documenttr10fr.pdf
File PDF documenttr13en.pdf
File Microsoft Word Documenttr40en.doc
File Microsoft Word Documenttr44es.doc
File PDF documenttr40en.pdf
File PDF documenttr16en.pdf
File PDF documenttr17en.pdf
File PDF documenttr18en.pdf
File PDF documenttr25en.pdf
File PDF documenttr26en.pdf
File PDF documenttr27en.pdf
File PDF documenttr44es.pdf
File shell scriptTechical Report 44 - English
File PDF documentManatee Report[1].pdf
File PDF documenttr47es.pdf
File PDF documentTrinidad & Tobago Sea Turtle Recovery Action Plan (2010).pdf
File PDF documentJamaica Sea Turtle Recovery Action Plan (2011)_FINAL 7Sep11.pdf
File PDF documentManatee Report.pdf
File PDF documentRegional Manatee Plan (Final) - November 29, 2011(2)- Spanish.pdf
File PDF documentUpdate TR 33 _Ingles FINAL.pdf
File PDF documentBaseLine Domestic watewater final.pdf
File PDF documentgef-iwcam-indicators-assessment-reportFinal.pdf
File PDF documentGEF IWCAM Indicators Template FINAL.pdf
File PDF documentGap Analysis and Regional Best Practices in Wastewater ManagementFinal.pdf
File PDF documentInternational Best Practices in Wastewater Management Final.pdf
File PDF documentSituational Analysis Final.pdf
File PDF documentGEF-IWCAM_LegislativePolicyInstitutional_Toolkit Final.pdf
File PDF documentMainstreaming NPAs Final Document Clean Oct 24 PDF.pdf
File PDF documentNPAs - Caribbean Case Studies- Summary-combined PDF.pdf
File PDF documentKAP Report Final.pdf
File PDF documentAMEP ATLAS 2007-2009.pdf
File PDF documentCoastal Monitoring Manual-en.pdf
File PDF documentGEF REPCar -Programa-de-monitoreo-costero- Guia.pdf
File PDF documentAnnex A Country profiles - May 7, 2010.pdf
File PDF documentActualiz TR 33 (español) VERSION FINAL.pdf
File PDF documentTR 33 en Frances VERSION FINAL SIN REVISIONl.pdf
Caribbean Environment Programme: Technical Reports
These reports include guidelines, management plans, tool kits, best practices, and case studies from our programmes, projects and activities in the Wider Caribbean Region. Many are available in English, French and Spanish.
File PDF documentCLME Regional TDA 2011.pdf
Technical Reports
File PDF documentCEP Technical Report No. 52-en.pdf
File PDF documentCEP_Technical_Report_85.pdf
File PDF documentCEP_TR_14-en.pdf
File PDF documentCEP_TR_29-en.pdf
File PDF documentCEP_TR_30-en.pdf
File PDF documentCEP_TR_31-en.pdf
File PDF documentCEP_TR_35-en.pdf
File PDF documentCEP_TR_35-es.pdf
File PDF documentCEP_TR_35-fr.pdf
File PDF documentCEP_TR_36-en.pdf
File PDF documentCEP_TR_37-en.pdf
File PDF documentCEP_TR39-en.pdf
File PDF documentCEP_TR41-en.pdf
File PDF documentCEP_TR38-en.pdf
File PDF documentCEP_TR56-es.pdf
File PDF documentCEP_TR56-fr.pdf
File PDF documentCEP_TR_67-es.pdf
File PDF documentCEP_TR_67-fr.pdf