Integrated Water Resources Management

In April 2014, Global Water Partnership Caribbean (GWP-C) and our Secretariat jointly hosted a “Meeting of Regional Partners in the Water and Wastewater Sector”.

The Meeting took place in Barbados on the 28-29th of April 2014 with financial support from the GWP-C WACDEP and the jointly implemented UNEP-CAR/RCU and Inter American Development Bank (IDB), GEF CReW Project.

The two day exercise incorporated several presentations followed by two (2) facilitated sessions to discuss and prioritize issues facing the water and wastewater sector in the Caribbean. Another major point coming out of the discussions was investment, in particular, the need to explore how the returns on investments were being measured throughout the region and mechanisms needed for increased collaboration.

The mechanisms for increased collaboration and the need to raise the profile of water and wastewater include:-

  • the role of the High Level Session- Ministerial Forum co-hosted for the past nine years by the Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA) and the Global GWP-C;
  • the increased involvement of Ministers from sectors other than water and wastewater; and leadership at the technical level to champion the cause of proper water resources management.
  • collaboration especially on large projects; use of formal agreements or informational arrangements as needed;
  • the formulation of regional databases of projects and expertise which could be easily accessible to all;
  • and the engagement of the private sector among others.

The full meeting report and supporting documents can be found below:-

Final Report - Regional Partners Meeting
Appendix 1 - CARICOM Consortium
Appendix 2 - Rapporteur's Report 
Appendix 3 - Participants List
Appendix 4 - Regional Agency IWRM Projects