Caribbean Environment Programme formally launches MPA Manager Mentoring Across the Wider Caribbean

Oct 03, 2014

Senior marine resource professionals (mentors) from around the Caribbean and trainees of the Training of Trainers programme of UNEP/SPAW CaMPAM have participated from December 2013 – September 2014 in the “pilot launch” of the CaMPAM Mentorship Programme (Mentorship Programme). Supporting mentors, and associated professional biographies, are included in this news release. "

The primary goal of the Mentorship Programme is to sustainably enhance marine protected area (MPA) manager/practitioner competencies through development of mentoring relationships that respond to common and emerging training, capacity building and technical assistance needs. Mentoring has long been recognized as an effective means to build individual and institutional capacity.

Extensive regional collaboration helped establish the programmatic framework that guided the launch. In early 2013 the project team and select mentors gathered in the Dominican Republic to mutually develop and agree to a charter that describes the programme goal and objectives, lists current mentors, and outlines roles and responsibilities of mentors, mentees and the CaMPAM project team. Several regional conservation leaders offered additional input to the framework during a strategic planning session at the 66th annual meeting of Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute.

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