Environmental News Updates, August 11 - 15

Red Lionfish the “terminator” of the Caribbean sea?










Lionfish (Source: UNEP CEP Gallery)

Recent research conducted in the Bahamas provides more evidence that, unlike other predators, lionfish have a unique invasive character of pursuing hunting even when levels of prey diminish and more energy is required. Since the 1980s the presence of lionfish increases mortality rates and threatens the extinction of entire local fish populations such as the fairy basslet.









Fairy Basslet (Source: Oregon State University)

While “there's a strong pressure here for natural selection to come into play eventually," says Ingleman of Oregan State University, "We know that fish can learn and change their behaviour, sometimes over just a few generations. But we don't have any studies yet to demonstrate this is taking place with native fish populations in the Atlantic." 

In 2010 the Regional Lionfish Committee with support of UNEP CEP and partners launched a guide to minimise the impact of the Lionfish in the Wider Caribbean Region. Take a look:

Invasive Lionfish: A Guide to Control and Management

See the article by Nature World News here


The Marine Debris Programme economic study of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the U.S. (NOAA) shows that marine debris has considerable economic costs to ocean, wildlife, residents of coastal communities and users of local beaches:

Residents of Orange County in California lose millions of dollars each year as visitors avoid dirty beaches and moreover increase environmental impacts by travelling longer distances.

Reducing marine debris even by 25% at beaches in and near Orange County could save residents roughly $32 million during three months in the summer.

Read about from the NOAA study here





23rd Annual Caribbean Water and Wastewater Assocation (CWWA) 

Atlantis, The Bahamas

Don’t be left out of the premier regional event for water, wastewater and solid waste professionals in the Caribbean! Be a part of the 2014 Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA) Conference and Exhibition which will be held at the Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas from 6th – 10th October 2014.

It’s an exceptional advertising and promotional opportunity for organisations in the field and an excellent knowledge sharing and networking forum! Over 500 regional and international participants are expected to attend this year’s event.

Go to CWWA website for Conference and Exhibition details here.