Jamaicans finally getting the climate-change message

Environment Minister Robert Pickersgill said he believes Jamaicans are getting the message about climate change and adaptation.

Pickersgill was giving an update yesterday of the Government of Jamaica/European Union and United Nations Environment Programme Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction Project. Parishes covered include St Ann and Manchester.

The project is administered by the Environment Management Division and the Meteorological Service. He agreed the language and vocabulary of the issue was 'heavy', but said he was impressed with the ordinary man's response, artistes like Lloyd Lovindeer even putting the information into songs. He was also impressed with the students.

"Speaking with schoolchildren, they are more acquainted with the words than the adults. They also know the dos and don'ts." He stressed the need for more education on the topic and said it was easy to teach the country because there were clear examples to refer to.

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